Accredited Technicians

About the profession

The Specialized Technicians in GDC Digital Platforms are promoters trained in our Academy to develop optimal digital marketing strategies. Their role is to design, implement, and refine the digital platforms of their user clients, providing a professional and comprehensive service.

After-sales service

Each digital platform of the Digital 360 Subscription is designed to be simple and intuitive. However, we understand that as a user, you often want to be part of this digital ecosystem without dedicating your time, creativity, or resources to managing your own platforms.

Therefore, at GDC, we designed this exclusive training so that the same promoters who market the Subscription are the ones in charge of its management, maximizing its benefits.

What is the basis of
this service?

All technicians are accredited by GDC with official certification after completing their own training cycle. This way, each professional technician receives a personal page that allows them to carry out their professional practice completely independently of the cooperative. This training cycle ensures:

  • Specialized knowledge in each platform
  • Access to the latest trends in internet marketing
  • Experience in managing digital platforms

Find the
professional for you.

On our technicians' portal, as well as on their personal professional page, you can see the information for each technician, facilitating contact and selection based on:

  • Geographical location

  • Professional experience

  • Educational background

  • Received qualifications

  • Availability

Would you like to manage your digital platforms with an expert?

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