Marketcoop is GDC's online buying and selling site.

A site intended for electronic commerce of products and services over the Internet. It allows members of the Cooperative to sell their products, new or used, or offer services in a safe and reliable environment.

Connect buyers and sellers to agree on the transaction. Transactions between them are done offline, in person and without intermediaries.






Available Countries

Having an virtual store has never been easier.

1. Set up your store

Complete your store details, accepted payment methods, contact information, etc.

2. Prepare a product

Provide product details, warranty information, illustrative images, and much more.

3. Publish the product

Your product is now visible to thousands of potential buyers

Why choose Marketcoop?

World reach

Have your own Marketcoop, with an international brand and global reach.

Liquidation of Stock

Promotion to settle a stock of products about to expire.

Post new or used items.

New or used, publish what you want to market.

GDC Backup

Marketcoop offers services in a safe and reliable environment, connecting buyers and sellers.

100% YTC

Being able to buy and sell all products with 100 % of YTC.


In addition, they will be able to have advertising spaces distributed throughout the virtual store, with different formats and locations.